to my world!
Hi, I'm Dina Belenko, a conceptual still life photographer, coffee cup magician and master of story driven images.

I can take magical photos for your projects, tame liquid fire, freeze splashes in motion or make a maze out of chocolate.

Or I can teach you how to do all those things!
Dina Belenko
and things with stories
Magical still life
Still life and product photography
Mesmerizing images
for big and small businesses
Motion and cinemagraphs
Adding some moving magic
to still life photos
Magic behind
everyday objects
"It doesn't stop being magic
just because you know how it works"
- Sir Terry Pratchett

Send me message, if you are interested in:
•fun and unusual product photos,
•accessible and unique photography workshops,
•bringing your most fantastic ideas to reality.

And most importantly, if you need to generate an idea in the first place.
I always have plenty of them and am happy to share!
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