Creative still life photography tutorial
Creating Enchanting Smoke Art
Dreamy Sheep Photo Editing Tutorial
Hello and welcome to another photo editing tutorial by Dina Belenko!

I often receive questions about post-processing, but to be honest, I don't have much to say.
In my usual tutorials, I simply mention giving the picture a little polish and leave it at that.
My post-processing techniques are really that simple. Typically, I adjust colors and sometimes merge a few layers with different elements. Voila!

However, today I have something interesting to share about post-processing.
Today, we'll be creating a dreamy sheep made out of smoke!
Let's dive in!

Dina Belenko
Photographer and magician
Ghosts and their stories
How to create figures from smoke or steam
Start by capturing a series of pictures with smoke or vapor.
In my case it's smoke inside a small fish tank.
Choose the silhouette you want to incorporate into your image.
I choose dreamy sheep!
You can see here more examples with dragons, unicorns and ghosts)
Place the silhouette on a new layer.
Separate the sheep from the background.

To do this, use the Magic Wand tool to select all the black pixels in the background and simply delete them. After this you can also soften the edges of sheep figures slightly by applying a blur effect.
Position a layer with a cloud of smoke above your silhouette and click on "Create Clipping Mask" in the Layer Menu.
This will apply a smoke texture to the sheep.
Now you should have figures with smoke textures on them. I've changed the Layer Blending Mode to Lighen, so I can see the background better and have a more natural-looking blending.
Add some additional details to cover the edges of your figures.

Select fragments of smoke from other shots and place them along the edges of the silhouette using the Lighten Blending Mode (to hide the dark background).
This is not a quick process!
But without these details the smoke figures look very unnatural and rought.

Check out these videos to see how this process goes! ^_^
Use a Layer Mask to conceal any parts that you don't want to be visible.
(By the way, here's a helpful article on how to use Layer Masks.)
Rinse and repeat.
Keep adding details until you're satisfied with the result.
I wanted it to be even more magical, so I've added
an additional layer of glitter!

(Once again:
set your Layer Blanding Mode on Lighter, so the black background won't be visible.
And only bright glitter particles will be)
And I've added a starry sky texture on top of everything!)
Sweet dreams
are made
of this ^_^
Merge the layers and save your picture.
Expetiment more to get to more complex figures!
And stay inspired ^_^
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Stay inspired and best of luck!

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